Middle-Aged Sober Dating: A Few Tips

Are you in your midlife? Are you re-entering the dating world? This can be both an exciting time and a stressful time. You may feel anxious and nervous. This may be complicated by the fact that you don’t drink.

Studies now show that there are many more middle-aged single (divorced, widowed) people than ever before. The average life expectancy has increased in the US as well. People are now living to be age 71 to 81. So folks who find themselves single in middle age have so many years ahead of them!

If you have been away from the dating scene for a while, it can be difficult to get back into it. Finding a sober companion when you are sober can present more challenges. But you should not be thinking of this as a difficulty. This is actually an advantage.

Being sober makes dating more genuine. No one is getting drunk to mask nerves or anxiety, and two people can become genuinely comfortable with each other in a much shorter amount of time. You also won’t make any bad mistakes when you are dating sober. How many times have we all woken up next to someone we really wish wasn’t there when we are in active addiction?

Dating while middle-aged is an advantage, too. As we age, we learn more about ourselves. We have a better understanding of who we are and what we want. We no longer feel the need to waste time on relationships that aren’t a good fit.

You may be scared if you find yourself to be single in midlife. And that’s understandable. Living as a sober middle-aged person presents new challenges. But these things should be perceived more as positives than obstacles that need to be overcome. When you embrace who you are, you’ll find that your age and your sobriety can be your strength.